Ministry Update

Hear from our team members each week about what the Lord is doing in churches that we minister in. Look for an updated article each week!

Holly, Michigan


Great Lakes Bible Church | Holly

October 29-November 1

As we started our meetings on Sunday, the church held a potluck lunch with a shorter afternoon service directly afterwards. Having meals with the whole church gives us the awesome opportunity to get to know people better right off the bat. Our team enjoyed seeing some good friends while we were in the Holly area as well…Alicia and her family moved to Michigan last year, so this is now her stomping grounds. It was fun to see her support group come throughout the week. Shelley’s grandparents also came to visit her. Love getting to know the families of team members! You can understand individuals so much better when you meet their family and see where they are from.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had two event nights—a Family Fun Night and the Irish Concert. It was great to see people come out, but the children’s program was especially encouraging! Our team was able to have some great gospel conversations with some of the kids. Trusting that the Lord will continue to work where seeds are sown.

On Friday, our team packed up and made the long trek from Michigan to Pennsylvania. THANKFUL for a safe and smooth journey…we definitely don’t want to take these travel days for granted.

Thanks, Great Lakes Bible for letting us serve alongside of you for a week! Keep loving for Jesus!



Belding, Michigan


Ashley Baptist Church | Belding

October 22-26

For the middle few days that we were in Belding, Michigan, our team experienced some funny weather…it literally rained NON-stop for two days straight! It was so fascinating to look at the radar and see the rain cell that was literally “stuck” over our area because of the wind currents that would spin it back into place not allowing it to move on. During the last day of rain, one of our team members shared a passage that gave us a different perspective on the rain:

Jeremiah 14:22
"Do any of the worthless idols of the nations bring rain? Do the skies themselves send down showers? No, it is You, Lord our God. Therefore our hope is in You, for You are the One who does all this.”

So instead of being annoyed at so much WET, it was more of a reminder of how the Lord is so in control of even the rain and weather! Because does He not so much more love and care for us? Yes, He is the Lord of the wind and rain, but He is also the Lord and Savior of souls because of His great love for us!

During our week with Ashley Baptist Church, we had a couple evening services, a couple event nights, and then a GREAT teen outreach evening! Our team, youth Pastor Gib, and some of the church teens joined us in canvassing and passing out invitations to teens in the surrounding high school area. I believe that we passed out every invitation that we printed off! The afternoon of the event night, a handful of us went out to a high school right as the students were leaving. Not knowing how successful canvassing would be, we just wanted to go all-out and be faithful in inviting people to hear the gospel. So that’s what we did! We told as many teens as we could about the event!

We had no idea how many people would show up for the Ultimate Dodgeball Tournament, pizza dinner, and gospel challenge, so we set up about 35 chairs in the teen room at the beginning of the evening. By the time all of the teens funneled into the room for the message portion of the evening when Jordan shared the gospel, we had over 60 chairs set up for people to sit in! There were teens there that had never been to Ashley Baptist before, never heard of the youth group, and some had never heard a clear gospel message before. How encouraging to see so many young people listen and digest the gospel. We had some great follow-up conversations afterward between dinner and the last championship games as well…praise the Lord! We have these tournament nights so that the church can continue building relationships with the teens that come, and we are trusting that the Lord will continue building those friendships!

We look forward to what the Lord will do and how He will use Ashley Baptist for the furtherance of the gospel. Thank you church for your faithful example and for allowing us to serve alongside of you for the week!



Houghton Lake, Michigan


Houghton Lake Baptist Church

October 15-18

With only being about forty-five minutes from Midland, we packed up and arrived at Houghton Lake Baptist Church last Friday. The church is located quite close to the shore of the lake, and it was a beautiful view, especially with the Autumn colors showing more and more each day.

The team members plus the Allens were housed at Camp CoBeAc for the week and enjoyed getting to know some of the staff and institute students there. Thankful for their kind hospitality! Wednesday morning, the team had the opportunity to participate in chapel at Camp where they shared a few songs and then Will spoke to the young adults.

Houghton Lake Baptist Church has a small-town area feel, and the pastor and his family have been faithfully serving there for a good number of years. The emphasis for the week was “Spiritual Health” within the church. Each of the services challenged the hearers in their walk in Christ. One particular point from a message on Philippians was this, “Jesus didn’t die to just get me out of Hell. He died to help me conquer sin and enjoy Him” all by the grace of God and His gospel. Praise the Lord!

Whether we hear it often or not, it is a good reminder that we NEED God every single moment. Left on our own, we would be crushed by our own sin. And yet God did not leave us alone to die in our sin but sent His Son. By Jesus’ atoning sacrifice and our receiving of His gift of salvation, He gives us His Spirit to help us walk daily by His side. Whether a day feels like a “success” or a “failure” doesn’t really matter, because we need God just as much on the “up” days as we do on the “down” days. What matters is whether we are walking with God, enjoying God, and fighting against our sin, because tomorrow is just going to be another battle. So just be faithful in loving God, loving others, and doing right…and give all of the glory, praise, and thanks to our God!



Midland, Michigan


Calvary Baptist Church | Midland

October 8-13

We had quite the busy week in Midland, MI! Being that there was an academy with the church, our team had the opportunity to be pretty involved with the students (woohoo! We love that!). We were involved with several of the school chapels for different grades, and on two of the afternoons, we organized an activity time with the teens our in the field. Will and Jordan spoke for the high school chapels and really challenged the kids in different areas of their lives and pushing them to live for Christ. By the end of the week, there was a large bonfire for the high school students and staff to share what the Lord had been doing in their lives this week. It was VERY encouraging to hear their testimonies since we usually do not get to hear those from a week of meetings.

Children's program was bursting! With several pre-services, a large AWANA night, and soooooo many children during our kids' program, it was exciting to see their desire to learn more about God. Sure did love teaching and investing in those kiddos!

We had a pre-service almost every night for the adults where Will had some good small-group time with a handful of the church members. Thankful for the extra teachings of walking in the Spirit, living Christ-like, and living for the Lord.
Thanks, Calvary Baptist Church and Academy, for a week of ministry alongside you all!


Pewaukee, Wisconsin


Lakewood Baptist Church

October 1-5

Thankful for a week of ministry with Lakewood Baptist Church! We had the special opportunity to go with Pastor Dave Mariott to a special chapel service at a nearby Military Academy. We played a few songs with our Irish instruments, then Pastor Dave was able to share a gospel message with all of the students and some of the faculty. It opened up doors for future ministry with the academy, and we were thrilled to have a small part in taking that step with Lakewood!
On Monday evening at a church member's local farm, we opened the evening up for a Men's Night filled with competitions that involved hammering nails, throwing footballs, sawing wood, and playing corn hole games; we also had delicious grilled steak and potatoes for dinner. After activities, dinner, and some music, Will went to the front to share a clear gospel message as the sun was setting behind the horizon line. Again, thankful for another opportunity to share the gospel with a good-sized group of people!

Our team was also able to help out with a teen Ultimate Frisbee tournament for the youth group. We had such a grand turnout not only with teens of the church, but also with others that they had invited and were building friendships with. While Jordan was sharing the gospel with the teens, Will was sharing with the adults, and a few other team members were sharing Christ in the children's program! It was a busy night, but we are thankful for all of the different gospel opportunities.
Our Irish Concert was held at a local state park. It was a beautiful evening! The sun set as we were beginning, and the cool evening rolled in as people huddled under coats and blankets with hot cocoa/cider in hand as the music played on. There were probably 300-400 people in attendance for this community concert, and the Lord was so kind to allow us to share Christ openly with them all! Consider that...really...what a privilege!

Thanks, Lakewood Baptist Church family, for allowing us to serve with you for a week! Keep loving God, loving others, and doing right!


Watertown, Wisconsin


Calvary Baptist Church | Watertown, WI

September 24-27

Our team served with Calvary Baptist in Watertown, Wisconsin last week. The days leading up, we were traveling from Utah allllllll the way to Wisconsin. It was quite a drive! We are very thankful for the Lord's protection during our trekking.

We drove about 14 hours the first day before making to Nebraska for the night, and then we drove about 9 hours the following day from Nebraska to Wisconsin. That is our longest trip of the semester, so we are glad it is behind us!

At Calvary, they have a school that we were able to be a part of with teaching chapels and interacting with students. On Sunday evening, we met in a local park with over two hundred other people for a casual evening of Irish Folk music, Irish Sacred music, and a gospel message given by Will. It was exciting and encouraging to see so many people come out and to see friends bringing friends!

For two of the evenings, we helped with both a ladies' event and a men's event. The church members had done a great job with inviting the friends they have been pouring into, allowing for two great event nights of gospel opportunity and continued friendship growth. God is good! Christy was able to present to the ladies, and Will presented to the men.

Throughout the week, there were a handful of individuals who chose to follow Christ! The Lord is the one who does all of the work, but when we get a front row seat and He gives us a small part in His plan, it's not only humbling but also a beautiful thing to be a part of. Praise the Lord with us as we continue to be amazed at His incredible grace and mercy!