Ministry Update

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Calvary Bible Church

January 13-18, 2019

Did you know it actually gets cold on the coast of the southeast? HA! Some of us were a little bit surprised to be standing on the coastline and realize that it was in the 30*’s! We are thankful that we brought coats, sweaters, and even scarves! The coast is beautiful regardless of whether it’s the summer or winter!

Here at Calvary Bible Church, we had a “regular” evening schedule with pre-services for adults, kids, and teens along with the main service and The Amazing Grace Race program for the kiddos. As we’ve been going through what apologetics are with the children, it’s amazing (and sometimes rebuking) to see how much they truly can understand and learn. Kids are smart!! And they are definitely able to understand concepts about the Lord and about the Bible. Some of the lessons they learn in addition to the gospel every night are:

  • How can we know that God created everything?
  • How can we know that the Bible is true?
  • How can we know that Jesus is God?
  • How can we know that God is good even when bad things happen?

We use apologetics as the foundation of these lessons and keep bringing kids back to the Bible for Truth answers!

Some of the kids this week at Calvary Bible Church have been very in-tune with what has been taught and have been asking some great questions.

Each morning, we had a mix of different chapels between the high schoolers, the elementary schoolers, and the preschoolers. Our team split up who taught each day/group and shared lessons from the Bible about how to live a life for Christ, how to fight bitterness, how to have a relationship with Christ, and how to understand the gospel. Will, Jordan, Andrew (Smith), and Shelley took times to teach the students. Thankful for their willingness to study and teach Bible Truths to the students!

On Thursday afternoon with the school students, we held a competition time between to teams (Blue VS Red | Grades 7, 10, & 11 VS Graces 8, 9, & 12). We played competition games that included tests in strength, speed, and mental ability. The teens loved it…which helped us enjoy it ALL the more even as we led it!

The church held an Irish Concert that same evening and we actually had to move from the church auditorium to the gym because of needing extra space! Church members had been faithfully inviting friends, neighbors, and coworkers leading up to the evening. It was encouraging to hear how they are involved in their communities and loving those around them by building relationships and looking for ways to share Christ with them. There were a few guests who attended who placed their faith and trust in Christ that night. PRAISE the Lord! We had been praying for a few of these individuals in particular and were beyond joyful that the Lord had been working in their hearts!

Thank you, Calvary Bible Church, for a wonderful week of ministry! Keep loving God and loving others!


Little River, South Carolina


Anchor Baptist Church

January 6-10, 2019

Back on the road again near North Myrtle Beach, SC! We had a great week with Pastor Woods and his family along with their church family -- Anchor Baptist Church. Throughout the week, we all helped with a handful of events including a men's Corn Hole Tournament Steakout, a Ladies' Soup 'n Sandwich fellowship, a Family Fun Night, and an Irish Concert! We loved being able to meet and get to know some of the friends and neighbors of church members throughout the week. Thankful for the opportunity to have several nights of sharing a clear gospel message.

We try to remind ourselves often that it is a privilege to help with these events and to have opportunities like this. It's truly a gift during this season of life! Praising the Lord for that.

Looking forward to another week of ministry in the same-ish area of Myrtle Beach, SC!


To see pictures from our week in Little River, SC, CLICK HERE!


Noblesville, Indiana


Noblesville Baptist Church

November 4-9, 2018

Sickness is still lingering, but it did not deter us from our week with Noblesville Baptist Church! Some people ask us what we do all day before the services each night, so I’d like to share with you a little of what our day looks like as a team!

During the mornings, we all come into work and set up an office as “home base”. For the majority of the time, we have several online projects to work on resulting in a lot of computer work and communication. Some team members are heavily involved in the communication between our team and future churches that we will be ministering to in order to get all of the details worked out and organized. Other team members work more on secretary roles to help Will with certain tasks. Others are involved in the upkeep of our websites and online resource store. And then OTHERS take care of the precious little baby and kiddos on team and do an AWESOME job at being moms and wives. Seriously…Christy and Shannon are superwomen! Christy homeschools the 5 kiddos, participates in daily music practices, attends the evening services, and just loves on every she comes into contact with. I am personally (hi, it’s Bethany here again!:) super thankful for her investment in me and her example of how she just pours her life into people. Shannon has gone through a transition this year with having a newborn baby on the road and adjusting back into trailer and road life…and she’s done it with such grace and joy! Shannon is our music administrator and coordinator and organizer and creator! God has truly gifted her in special ways. One of my favorite things to watch is her host the team (whether in part or in whole!) in their trailer home. She and Jordan are wonderful hosts and are just kind to all they come into contact with!

So that’s a little bit of our jobs and roles on team. So during the week we are working on those personal team projects that are in our line of respective work. After a group lunch with any pastoral staff that’s available, we have our afternoon practice for the evening service, and if there’s no canvassing for a teen event scheduled, we try to finish as much of our jobs and projects as we can before the evening hits!

With Noblesville Baptist, we had evening services and a great children’s program every night. Over the weekend, we participated in a Parenting Conference. While Will preached and shared with the adults, the team split between the teen group and kids group and led a program for each. It was great! With some pretty frigid temperatures during the week, soups were the highlight of lunches and leftover dinners! Great for sickness and cold days!

Thankful for a week of ministry in Noblesville!


Ellettsville, Indiana


Lifeway Baptist Church

Oct. 28-Nov. 2, 2018

A week of unexpected happenings! First of all, some of us should have brought a canoe with all of the rain that we got—let along some good ‘ol rain boots and a poncho! Yay for cooler temperatures bringing in the fall and the extra necessity for coffee, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider! So much yum.

Some shared sickness was also continuing to go around this week…some BAD shared sickness. Did you know that the Indiana Crud is a legit illness? And it hit us badly. During one portion of the week, we did not even SEE Christy for over 2 days straight! She was totally taken down and could not remember ever being this sick before. It made its rounds around the team minus just a couple of team members. It had flu-like symptoms, bad head cold that then dropped to the chest with congestion, and then some completely lost their voice. Yet through days and weeks like this, when we feel “off” on our work flow, when we have to readjust our schedules, when we have to be extra flexible and show more grace towards the sickies…we’re reminded that it is GOD who does the work AND cultivates the results. We can work and do our best, but it’s not us in and of ourselves. Even with it being a very different week than what we normally anticipate as a team, the Lord was faithful and kind to not only work in hearts but to allow us to be a part of that and see some visible signs of His working.

We were able to hold pre-services for the adults, teens, and children each evening and loved that extra teaching and interaction time with them (especially the kids and teens!). With several nights of equipping the church, we also had a teen Ultimate Dodgeball night and an Irish Concert Service.

Pastor Steve, Pastor Doug, and Pastor Thomas make a great pastoral staff team, and we all enjoyed getting to know them better. Afternoon meals are oftentimes our favorite times of a week because of getting to know the pastors, their families, and the heartbeat of the church. It is visible that these pastors and their families absolutely love their church family. They invest in their personal relationships with Christ, their marriages, their families, and their church family in deep ways. Thankful to see men truly seeking after wisdom and discernment with the responsibility that the Lord has placed before them as shepherds, teachers, and leaders.

Thankful for Lifeway Baptist and the ministry that they faithfully continue to walk step by step. They have a huge impact on their community of Ellettsville, and we look forward to hearing/seeing how the Lord continues to use you all in being a light to those in darkness and drawing the lost to the Savior.


Alto, Michigan


Whitneyville Bible Church

October 20-24, 2018

Did you know there is an Alto in Michigan! Some of us didn’t either! Pastor Dave Deets and his wife have been serving at Whitneyville Bible Church for the past several years. Pastor Dave’s wife and Christy Galkin both grew up together in Morrison, Colorado (just a few years back;) so it was special to reconnect again and reminisce quite a bit as well!

Part of the week was centered around “equipping” the church members with how to have a healthy walk with the Lord, how to share Christ with others, and then giving them an opportunity later in the week to invite friends, coworkers, and acquaintances to an Irish Concert service where Will shared the gospel. Sunday evening, the team and Galkin kids hung out with the church teens to play a game called “Two Rooms and a Boom” (super fun group game!), had some yummy local pizza, and heard a message from Jordan taken from Titus 2 . He walked through how “the grace that saves us, is the same grace that helps us grow [in Christ].”

On Monday, we participated in a cookout night for the men of the church. We had some amazing burgers, brats, coleslaw, chips, and a whole array of cookies and brownies! After the men ate, they played an interactive “Survival” game and competed against the other tables to see who would survive if a plane crashed in the winter with very limited items that they had to put in order of importance. It’s always interesting to watch and see how each team does. Sometimes personalities come out in competitions, too! (: Will then shared a message with the men.

Tuesday night was IRISH night! We had played three Irish concerts within 7 days of each other (: It was special to interact with the music and church folks. Some seemed pretty passionate about Irish music! So sweet to see some of the members get excited!

On Wednesday evening, Whitneyville Bible Church has a great AWANA program that several church members volunteer for, several families participate in, and many children from the community are a part of. For the evening, Andrew Smith was able to share lessons with two of the AWANA groups for their teaching time. The kids were great, and we loved getting to have a small part in their program!

We met up early on Thursday morning and got to the church around 7:15am to begin packing up for our trek to Indiana! The plan was to head to Zionsville at 7am Friday morning to have a day of recording at Aire Born Studios for a few songs that we’ve been working on to share with all of you! Praising the Lord for the week with Whitneyville, for safety in lots of travels over the weekend, and for the opportunity to record. Even with sickness really slamming our team this week, we’re praising the Lord for His faithfulness and goodness in how He works in people despite our own weaknesses, circumstances, or sicknesses. We serve a mighty God!


Pictures from the week HERE!


Ypsilanti, Michigan


Calvary Baptist Church

October 18, 2018

A couple weekends ago, we had a “free” Friday evening with no scheduled meetings, so Pastor Jim Newcomer in Ypsilanti, Michigan invited us to their church to hold an Irish Concert for the evening! Alicia Newcomer (our resident pianist/accordionist) and her family moved from Virginia Beach, VA to Ypsilanti, MI two years ago to pastor at Calvary Baptist Church. It was such a treat to play at their church, and we are excited with them for the new renovations that have just taken place!

Our team ate a wonderful taco dinner with the Newcomers beforehand, and then following the concert, there were apple donuts and hot cider for all to enjoy while mixing with the team for a bit! It was a crisp night outside, so cider was the perfect addition to the evening.

In the days following our time in Ypsilanti, Alicia received texts from her dad and friends in the church sharing how the evening and the gospel message had impacted some individuals. Praise the Lord!

Though short, we were thankful for the special opportunity to spend an evening with friends. Will and Christy have known Pastor Jim and Lori Newcomer for many, manyyyy years, and it was sweet to watch and be a part of friends doing ministry alongside each other.

“Never underestimate the value of friendships forged by ministry.”


To see some pictures from our evening with Calvary, go HERE!