Baldwin, Maryland


Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church | Baldwin

November 12-16

In mid-November, we spent a week in Maryland. The town we were in is somewhat between Baltimore and Washington DC. Jordan and the rest of the team were able to have some extra time with the teens every night for not only a pre-service, but a dinner beforehand! Pastor Robert Condict is an INCREDIBLE chef and had a great team to help prepare the dinners for all of the teens + team. We all loved having a bit of extra time with the teens especially with the dodgeball outreach event that would occur later that week. One of our desires was to see and challenge the teens to really reach out and invite other teens in their surrounding area for the gospel night. The dodgeball tournament was a success, but more importantly, the gospel was proclaimed. Thankful for the church sponsors and helpers who took some of the team members' places in reffing so that the team (besides the Allens) could head to the service for music and children's program.

Looking out from the platform, it was exciting to see such a full house for the Irish Concert service. As we began our intro song that's not even on the program, people were still trickling into their seats. We then moved right into the full music program of Irish fold and then sacred music. The music is full of Irish and celtic history, but we also love its roots in the early church -- Be Thou My Vision is one of the oldest hymns and one of our favorites.

Thanks to Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church for a week of ministry. Looking forward to how the Lord will use you all to grow His church and further His kingdom.

Being that this was our last full week on the road, we had one last, long road trip together from Maryland to South Carolina. THANKFUL and PRAISING the Lord for His hand on our vehicles. The Lord was very kind to help us through a situation with a burst tire on the trailer. It may not have been what we'd wanted, or how we wanted to spend our Saturday, but God is still good. He still cares for us. He still loves us. Thankful that we got to SC a day early so that we actually had the time to repair the damage!

Our Sunday in Greenville, SC was with Grace Baptist Fellowship who meet on the campus of Furman University. BEAUTIFUL campus and buildings that they held church in. It was a blessing to be able to spend Sunday morning service with the church body and then hold a sacred concert in the afternoon.

At the end of the semester, our team was beginning to drop like flies with sickness. Thankful that the Lord helped us get through the semester without any worse sickness, and we are THANKFUL for a break over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Pray with us that we'd have safety as the family travels to Georgia and then to Florida.; and pray with us that the team would be safe in all of their different states over break--CO, NC, SC, OH, MI--as they are working and spending time with their families.


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