Palm Harbor, Florida


Berea Baptist Church

February 4-9, 2018

Happy February! Our team spent the second half of the first week serving with Berea Baptist Church. We got to see old friends and make new ones all throughout the week! Below are a few highlights of our week in Palm Harbor…which, I may say, is VERY close to the gulf coast! We may or may not have visited the beach during our week there ;)

Teen services: our team was able to have some extra time with teens each evening before the service to have fun together, to study God’s word together, and prepare for the Ultimate Dodgeball Tournament that happened later in the week. Some of them even came and helped us canvass in the area for one of the afternoons to invite other teens in the area to the tournament. We had a GREAT turnout as well! Praise the Lord! When we hand out flyers, we never know what the turnout will be. But we’re called to be faithful, not necessarily successful, right? Well, as registration began, we met many guests, friends from other areas, and some who received a flyer and had never been to the church before! We all had a great time playing, Jordan shared a gospel message, pizza was eaten, the championship was won, and great connects and even follow-up convos took place at the end. So thankful! Trusting that the Lord will continue to work through the church and youth group to reach the teens in the Palm Harbor area.

Irish Concert: a few hours before the concert, Jordan and the Galkin kiddos played some soccer with a number of the school students from the school connected with Berea. They played for a few hours in the afternoon and had a great time together. A bit later, we were all filing into the auditorium in our green for the Irish Concert! We were encouraged to see a good number of guests and people from the surrounding area attend the concert. Will shared a gospel message with the adults while Andrew Smith shared the gospel in the children’s service. Sometimes churches will have a dessert fellowship afterwards, and this particular week’s fellowship lent itself to allowing us to connect with guests following the concert. Will was able to speak with a handful of guests whose hearts have been starting to desire Christ. Wow! Praises! There was one gentleman in particular who stated to one of our team members, “Tonight…THAT changed my life.” Thankful that the Lord allows us to have a small part in His kingdom work.

To see some of the photos from the week, follow THIS LINK to our Facebook page! Be sure to follow the page so you don’t miss anymore updates and pictures from our weeks on the road!



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