Louisville, Kentucky


Landmark Baptist Church

April 29-May 2

It may have been our last week on the road, but we sure tried to convince ourselves that it wasn’t! We buckled down and cranked on all of the end-of-year close-out jobs in addition to having a fantastic week with Landmark Baptist Church. Serving alongside Pastor Matt and the leadership team was a blessing to each of us on team.

When we are able to have meals together with the pastoral staff and the church leadership, we can really see the heartbeat and vision of the church. It helps us serve them better and just love them more! The staff at Landmark Baptist really poured into us during the week. Around chapel times with the school students, music practices, weekly jobs, and connects with students, the pastors took most of our team out into the town of Louisville for some extra fellowship and a treat to a few local shops. We were able to visit a quaint Christian bookstore and each came away with at least one book in our hands. What a sweet time with the pastors and a memory to take with us. If you were to combine all of the books read by the team…….there’d be a lot! Thankful for such a sweet gesture of love that was a blessing to us! {{Thanks so much pastors!}}

Each morning, we had the privilege of speaking to the teens of the school during their morning chapel time. We play a breaking-the-ice game and then Smith would come and lead a group song. Before jumping into singing, Smith would emphasize the words of what we’d be singing and really challenge all who were there to not sing “empty, idle words”, but to really meditate on the truth and sing it back to God. Thankful for that reminder! How often we read God’s word or sing songs of truth and don’t really even think of what we are saying/singing.

Will and Jordan traded on and off with the chapel lessons each morning, with Smith speaking to the elementary students for one morning. With such a short time with them, we really try to share as much truth as we can about the gospel, pursuing Christ, and living a life of service. Praying that the Lord uses the chapel messages to stir hearts, challenge the students, really push them to pursue the Lord, and that He’d use them in mighty ways for His kingdom!

Thank you Landmark Baptist Church for a great week of fellowship, equipping, encouragement, and sharing of the gospel!

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