Alto, Michigan


Whitneyville Bible Church

October 20-24, 2018

Did you know there is an Alto in Michigan! Some of us didn’t either! Pastor Dave Deets and his wife have been serving at Whitneyville Bible Church for the past several years. Pastor Dave’s wife and Christy Galkin both grew up together in Morrison, Colorado (just a few years back;) so it was special to reconnect again and reminisce quite a bit as well!

Part of the week was centered around “equipping” the church members with how to have a healthy walk with the Lord, how to share Christ with others, and then giving them an opportunity later in the week to invite friends, coworkers, and acquaintances to an Irish Concert service where Will shared the gospel. Sunday evening, the team and Galkin kids hung out with the church teens to play a game called “Two Rooms and a Boom” (super fun group game!), had some yummy local pizza, and heard a message from Jordan taken from Titus 2 . He walked through how “the grace that saves us, is the same grace that helps us grow [in Christ].”

On Monday, we participated in a cookout night for the men of the church. We had some amazing burgers, brats, coleslaw, chips, and a whole array of cookies and brownies! After the men ate, they played an interactive “Survival” game and competed against the other tables to see who would survive if a plane crashed in the winter with very limited items that they had to put in order of importance. It’s always interesting to watch and see how each team does. Sometimes personalities come out in competitions, too! (: Will then shared a message with the men.

Tuesday night was IRISH night! We had played three Irish concerts within 7 days of each other (: It was special to interact with the music and church folks. Some seemed pretty passionate about Irish music! So sweet to see some of the members get excited!

On Wednesday evening, Whitneyville Bible Church has a great AWANA program that several church members volunteer for, several families participate in, and many children from the community are a part of. For the evening, Andrew Smith was able to share lessons with two of the AWANA groups for their teaching time. The kids were great, and we loved getting to have a small part in their program!

We met up early on Thursday morning and got to the church around 7:15am to begin packing up for our trek to Indiana! The plan was to head to Zionsville at 7am Friday morning to have a day of recording at Aire Born Studios for a few songs that we’ve been working on to share with all of you! Praising the Lord for the week with Whitneyville, for safety in lots of travels over the weekend, and for the opportunity to record. Even with sickness really slamming our team this week, we’re praising the Lord for His faithfulness and goodness in how He works in people despite our own weaknesses, circumstances, or sicknesses. We serve a mighty God!


Pictures from the week HERE!

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