Noblesville, Indiana


Noblesville Baptist Church

November 4-9, 2018

Sickness is still lingering, but it did not deter us from our week with Noblesville Baptist Church! Some people ask us what we do all day before the services each night, so I’d like to share with you a little of what our day looks like as a team!

During the mornings, we all come into work and set up an office as “home base”. For the majority of the time, we have several online projects to work on resulting in a lot of computer work and communication. Some team members are heavily involved in the communication between our team and future churches that we will be ministering to in order to get all of the details worked out and organized. Other team members work more on secretary roles to help Will with certain tasks. Others are involved in the upkeep of our websites and online resource store. And then OTHERS take care of the precious little baby and kiddos on team and do an AWESOME job at being moms and wives. Seriously…Christy and Shannon are superwomen! Christy homeschools the 5 kiddos, participates in daily music practices, attends the evening services, and just loves on every she comes into contact with. I am personally (hi, it’s Bethany here again!:) super thankful for her investment in me and her example of how she just pours her life into people. Shannon has gone through a transition this year with having a newborn baby on the road and adjusting back into trailer and road life…and she’s done it with such grace and joy! Shannon is our music administrator and coordinator and organizer and creator! God has truly gifted her in special ways. One of my favorite things to watch is her host the team (whether in part or in whole!) in their trailer home. She and Jordan are wonderful hosts and are just kind to all they come into contact with!

So that’s a little bit of our jobs and roles on team. So during the week we are working on those personal team projects that are in our line of respective work. After a group lunch with any pastoral staff that’s available, we have our afternoon practice for the evening service, and if there’s no canvassing for a teen event scheduled, we try to finish as much of our jobs and projects as we can before the evening hits!

With Noblesville Baptist, we had evening services and a great children’s program every night. Over the weekend, we participated in a Parenting Conference. While Will preached and shared with the adults, the team split between the teen group and kids group and led a program for each. It was great! With some pretty frigid temperatures during the week, soups were the highlight of lunches and leftover dinners! Great for sickness and cold days!

Thankful for a week of ministry in Noblesville!

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