Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Calvary Bible Church

January 13-18, 2019

Did you know it actually gets cold on the coast of the southeast? HA! Some of us were a little bit surprised to be standing on the coastline and realize that it was in the 30*’s! We are thankful that we brought coats, sweaters, and even scarves! The coast is beautiful regardless of whether it’s the summer or winter!

Here at Calvary Bible Church, we had a “regular” evening schedule with pre-services for adults, kids, and teens along with the main service and The Amazing Grace Race program for the kiddos. As we’ve been going through what apologetics are with the children, it’s amazing (and sometimes rebuking) to see how much they truly can understand and learn. Kids are smart!! And they are definitely able to understand concepts about the Lord and about the Bible. Some of the lessons they learn in addition to the gospel every night are:

  • How can we know that God created everything?
  • How can we know that the Bible is true?
  • How can we know that Jesus is God?
  • How can we know that God is good even when bad things happen?

We use apologetics as the foundation of these lessons and keep bringing kids back to the Bible for Truth answers!

Some of the kids this week at Calvary Bible Church have been very in-tune with what has been taught and have been asking some great questions.

Each morning, we had a mix of different chapels between the high schoolers, the elementary schoolers, and the preschoolers. Our team split up who taught each day/group and shared lessons from the Bible about how to live a life for Christ, how to fight bitterness, how to have a relationship with Christ, and how to understand the gospel. Will, Jordan, Andrew (Smith), and Shelley took times to teach the students. Thankful for their willingness to study and teach Bible Truths to the students!

On Thursday afternoon with the school students, we held a competition time between to teams (Blue VS Red | Grades 7, 10, & 11 VS Graces 8, 9, & 12). We played competition games that included tests in strength, speed, and mental ability. The teens loved it…which helped us enjoy it ALL the more even as we led it!

The church held an Irish Concert that same evening and we actually had to move from the church auditorium to the gym because of needing extra space! Church members had been faithfully inviting friends, neighbors, and coworkers leading up to the evening. It was encouraging to hear how they are involved in their communities and loving those around them by building relationships and looking for ways to share Christ with them. There were a few guests who attended who placed their faith and trust in Christ that night. PRAISE the Lord! We had been praying for a few of these individuals in particular and were beyond joyful that the Lord had been working in their hearts!

Thank you, Calvary Bible Church, for a wonderful week of ministry! Keep loving God and loving others!

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