Q & A with John Ford Moon

johnmoonqaIf you haven't heard, we have a new team member. His name is John Ford Moon, and we are excited to welcome him to our team. We wanted to ask him a few questions so you, our support team, could get to know him a little bit.

Q. Where and how did you grow up?
A. I grew up in the small town of Starr, (yes, two R's) South Carolina which is close to the border of Georgia. We have one red light and a population of about 118 people. I've always lived in the same house that was across the street from my Grandparents. Before I was old enough to stay on my own and much of the time after that you could find me at my Grandparents house were we would do all of the things a proper boy from the south ought to do. We shucked corn, snapped peas, planted our garden, sat on the front porch, and drank sweet tea. Church for me growing up could easily fit in the list I just gave because it was just what a decent person from the south did. You went to Church not because of a relationship with Jesus, but because you were supposed to in order to be decent. Thankfully later in life Christ would change that in me!

Q. What activities did you enjoy growing up?
A. I've always enjoyed trying different/new things. When I was a teenager, my dad let me borrow his old guitar and told me that my grandfather could play just about anything he picked up. That was all I needed and ever since then I've always enjoyed playing and learning new instruments like my grandfather. Although I started with guitar, the mandolin is my favorite. I also greatly enjoy the outdoors. One of my favorite things to do is go backpacking for a day or two in the mountains. There is just something about getting away and out into nature with God, its unlike anything else.

Q. When did you accept Christ?
A. As I mentioned I grew up going to church out of tradition and decency, which definitely isn't regeneration. I was privileged to go to a Christian school in my area, but as an unregenerate person this simply left me confused about my state with God. I struggled with "assurance" because that is what my friends struggled with. I had yet to come to the realization that I was struggling with assurance not because I was a Christian out of fellowship with God, but because I had never entered into a relationship with Him. When I was around 14 years old my school went on a weekend retreat to the Wilds Christian Camp in North Carolina. To be frank, the week was miserable. It was during the first meeting that my heart began to grow heavy under the conviction that I was a sinner estranged from God in need of new birth. I resisted the entire weekend and during the last service of the last day I didn't even listen to the sermon I simply sat longing for him to stop preaching so that I could go and talk to someone about my soul. It was that day that I was born again into God's family. Christ transformed my life and, praise God, I've never been the same since.

Q. Why did you choose your major at school?
A. I graduated from Bob Jones University with a B.A. in Bible, but I didn't start there. I started my freshman year of college at a local technical school which was the extension campus for many at Clemson University. I was studying Accounting, with the intent of transferring into Clemson University the next year. However, the summer prior God had clearly laid a call on my life to surrender to the preaching ministry of the word of God. I resisted this unction from the Lord and had landed at this college. Through a series of circumstances too long to fit in this short article. God redirected me away from my selfish pursuits and changed my desires to be more in line with His. The very next semester of my freshman year I was enrolled at Bob Jones as a Business major, but before I started any classes as God diligently pursued me I changed my major to Bible and followed the Lord's direction for my life into ministry.

Q. What are your long term goals for ministry?
A. When I first started Bible college, it concerned me that I did not have the plans that some of my peers had in mind. I am a firm believer that a person needs to have vision. "If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time." My vision has been molded by a number of things. I have been privileged to work in a variety of ministries in a variety of different places spanning from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Bwizibwera, Uganda. My time in Africa especially stands out when I think about this. When I went over there I wondered if the Lord would set a burden in my heart for Africa, that would result in me going there to stay. Although I do have a burden for the African people, I did not come away burdened to go to the unreached people in Africa. I came away burdened to go to the unreached people in America. And so my long term goal is to be a church planter potentially in the western United States.

I hope you now have a sense of connection with our newest team member, and that you will pray for him as he makes his transition on the team. We also ask for your prayers for our team as a whole as we minister in the Midwestern United States.

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