4 Birthdays and a Game of Mafia

4birthdaysmafiathumbHere on the Galkin Team, we do birthdays right! With 15 people total on the team, there are several opportunities to celebrate during the traveling season! Last Sunday night we celebrated 4 birthdays: Laura’s, Caroline’s, Reba’s, and, most importantly, my birthday (Matt)! There were lots of gifts, lots of good food, and of course, lots of good fun!

We got some pretty cool stuff, and I think each of us got at least one Starbucks card to fuel the coffee addiction we all have! We also played a game called Mafia. In this game, everyone in the group is either a townsperson, doctor, sheriff, or the mafia. In each round a couple things happen. The game runner tells participants close their eyes, then the mafia gets a chance to eliminate one person, the doctor gets to protect one person, the sheriff gets to investigate if one person is mafia, and the townspeople get to eliminate one person from the game who they think might be the mafia. The townspeople are trying to eliminate the mafia before they get eliminated themselves! It turned into a heated but hilarious game as accusations were made, key townspeople were saved from elimination, and the mafia tried to fly below the radar. We all love the chance to laugh together and enjoy each other. It’s just another part of the community of brotherly love we enjoy on the team.

The most special part of a Galkin birthday party is when we share with the group how we have seen God’s grace at work in the lives of the individuals whose birthdays we are celebrating. We share things that we appreciate about that person and ways that we have seen evidence of God’s sanctifying work going on in their lives. It’s always a sweet time that knits our hearts together and gives glory to God.

I’m thankful that I can enjoy great times with this group of people as we roll down the road, striving together for the gospel of Christ!

-Matt Reid

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