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thekidsthumbnailAnother traveling year has begun for the team, which means another year on the road for the Galkin kids. They are excited to share this new year with their cousin, Evi. We'd like to give you a little update of what's happening with the Galkin and Roland cousins.

Anna Grace has entered FIFTH grade (still hard for me to believe!) She is a great help with the younger kids. She has been able to participate in her first school Cola War this week, and has enjoyed playing the games she has watched for so long. She continues to study violin and piano, but her great love seems to be reading--she eagerly searches out church libraries to see what new books she can find. William has entered fourth grade and loves learning about all subjects. Don't tell him a story unless you're prepared to be able to explain how and why it all works. He enjoys taking apart broken electronics and discovering how things work. He is playing guitar, and loves to sing along with the guys in music practice. Lilly is in second grade and still earns her nickname of "Silly Lilly". She is always full of laughs and often has the team members genuinely laughing at her humor. She is learning penny whistle and wows us all with her skill at computer and iPhone games. David is in first grade and working hard in his work books and at learning to read. He is almost done with his first year of cello lessons. Eliana "does" school with the older kids and bosses around the youngest member of the family, Snickers. She also takes good care of her younger cousin Evi. Evi has mastered crawling and wants to walk sometime soon. We have heard her say "Hi" three times, but her favorite word to say over and over is still Dada. The older kids are working as a team to put on a 5-day skit in each church that teaches their peers about the 5 Lie Smashing Facts we learn in the children's program. They all have a special place in our hearts, and we are glad to be their friends!

-Caroline Roland

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