4 Wheelin'

4wheelinthumbWhile we were visiting International Falls last week, some of the folks in the church really went above and beyond to show us a good time. Pastor Shane Belding and Ross Crowe gathered around twelve 4-wheelers for our team to enjoy in the beautiful woods of northern Minnesota. This was a day that we will not soon forget!

Last Thursday morning we all got together at a cabin and spent the morning riding on some old logging roads with Ross Crowe as our guide. Riding through the woods and seeing the beautifully colored leaves was awesome! We stopped at a few sandy spots as well to play around on the 4-wheelers. We did a few jumps, doughnuts, and made a whole lot of dust! It was so much fun. It was kinda scary to see what happened to Reba, Laura, and Sarah when they got on a wheeler. . . there was a whole new dare-devil side that came out! I think it maybe comes from playing a little too much Mario Cart!

For lunch we roasted hot dogs, and Mr. Crowe taught us how to make sliders, which were basically roasted crescent roll dough stuffed with jelly. They were delicious! After lunch we played a little more on the ATVs and were also able to do some skeet shooting. The Galkin kids were able to get in on the shooting too. The kids shot Mr. Crowe’s .22 rifle, and William got to shoot his first shotgun.

We are thankful for the time and money these kind people from International Falls spent on us as a team. They allowed us to enjoy some of their hobbies with them, and we had a blast doing it! I’m thankful that God allows us to meet and enjoy fellowship with so many of His children as we travel. He surely is good to us!

-Matt Reid

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