Matt is engaged!

mattengagedwebWell, I have an announcement...I’m engaged! Almost two weeks ago, on the 13th, I flew home after our half-week in Jordan, MN to surprise my new fiancé, Anna Niarchos. I had been planning the whole thing for months and I’m so glad that she was surprised, and that we are finally engaged!!!

Here’s a somewhat shortened version of how it happened. Anna and I met and started dating while we were both working at the Wilds Christian Camp in North Carolina. About three or four miles from the camp, there’s a waterfall that we stopped by several times the summer we started dating. We had some fun memories from our dates to the falls, and I knew that it would be the perfect spot to get engaged. So, her parents told her they wanted to get away for a weekend up in mountains and that they wanted her to go with them. They picked her up from school on Friday the 14th and drove her right past the spot along the side of the road by the where the waterfall is. I was waiting for them there and totally surprised Anna, who thought I was still up in Minnesota until December! We took the short walk up to the waterfall where I had a bouquet of her favorite flowers waiting. I had my guitar there and sang her a song, and asked her to be my wife. She said yes! Whew! :)

We spent the weekend with her parents and my parents who came up the next day and had a wonderful time in the mountains. The leaves had some spectacular color, and it was so nice to be able to enjoy creation, our families, and each other. We’re so thankful how the Lord has directed our lives together.

Since I did not have to get back with the team until the 22nd, we were able to spend the whole next week together as well. It was fun to be around her as she showed off her ring and told our story to friends.

We do have a date–July 14th this coming summer in her hometown, Lilburn GA. Please pray for us as we make decisions about how God would use us in the future.

-Matt Reid

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