Thanksgiving Plans

turkeyLess than a week, and our team will officially be on Thanksgiving break! Normally this would signal the end of our traveling semester, but we are meeting up in Indianapolis, IN for a recording the week after Thanksgiving. Because of this, some people are foregoing the normal Thanksgiving meal around their family's table for a "Trailer Thanksgiving". Laura, Sarah, John, and Matt are all spending the holiday with the Galkin family in Indianapolis--this helps save a little money on plane tickets, as we would just have to be back in Indy that Saturday. Will, the true chef of the team, is already planning his gourmet meal, but each team member is expected to contribute a dish. Laura has already made plans for fried okra--a true Southern girl. The Rolands are pulling out Monday night from Minnesota to drive through the night to Mom Roland's house in Denver. We are looking forward to seeing Mom, Grandma, and brothers Ben and Jonathan--Ben, who is at BJU, has still never met Evi! Jonathan is flying down to Greenville, along with our good friend Baldoni (the accordian) to give it to the Pettit team who needs to take it on their trip to Spain. Reba is stopping in at her house in South Bend, IN to spend Thanksgiving with her crazy, large family. We are glad that we all have friends or family to spend this important holiday with--stay tuned, as we may have a special Galkin digital short afterwards. :)

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