"By Faith" Recording

byfaiththumbThe week after Thanksgiving, our team was able to complete another recording session at Aireborn Studios in Zionsville, IN. This is the fourth recording that the "Galkin team" has been able to do together. There were several highlights of the week that we'd love to share with you.

1. The Stomach Flu: Affectionately called the "Galkin Flu" by the employees at Aireborn, our team was struck with a highly contagious virus that started with some of the Galkin kids our last week on the road, hit some of us over Thanksgiving, and the rest during the week of recording. There were several things to be thankful for--it only lasted 24 hours, and (in answer to many prayers), Reba was the ONLY one of our team that did not get it--God knew we needed her there each day! We even managed to infect a few members of the church planting team (http://plant4thegospel.com) that had come to visit and help during the recording. It appears that this flu is not just native to our team though, as we have heard of family and friends all over the country being infected. I tried to explain that to my mom and dad when they both got it a few days after our arrival at home, but I still think they blamed us. :)

2. A New Kid's Song: That's right, the Galkin kids got to enter the studio for a second time to record a song called "Sovereign One". Unlike the last song, this one is completely a kid solo. They trained very hard with their new vocal coach, Jonathan, although from what I heard, his endeavors to get them to do sirens and hooting sounds made them giggle more than sing. :)

3. Buffalo Wilds Wings Night: Tuesday night, we got together with our team (which included our dear friend and former team member Stephanie Coffey and 5-month old Liam) and some of the families of the church planting team for a night of Buffalo Wild Wings, chips and dip, singing, testimonies, and prayer time. I think everyone agreed it was just a little taste of heaven.

4. Answers to Prayer: We got to see God answer prayers all before, during, and after the recording--from Reba's health, to Sarah's ability to record her last few penny whistle parts in the midst of the stomach flu, to safe journeying to and from Indy, to grace to record many parts of songs in a small amount of time--we were blessed. We don't do these recordings so we can listen to ourselves each morning when we wake up--I think we'd all die if we had to do that. :P We do these to bring glory to God, to build up His church, and specifically with "By Faith" (the name of our new CD), we hope to spark a burden for the church planting that is about to take place in Salt Lake City, UT. So, whenever you hear one of our new songs, please take a moment to pray for the work that is going on out West.

-Caroline Roland

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