Museum of Science and Industry

moonhampsterAfter our long haul from Salt Lake City to Bolingbrook, IL (roughly 1400 miles), the Lord allowed us to serve a short week with Independent Baptist Church. The church was very welcoming and kind to our team! They even planned a special day for us in Chicago to see the Museum of Science and Industry.

This museum, in my opinion, was the coolest museum I’ve ever been to (ranked right up there with the Smithsonian). It had anything from a WWII U-boat, to live chickens hatching, to an indoor cyclone! (Even a human hampster wheel pictured on the left). At every section, the museum had interactive games that taught us hands-on experience with that particular section of science or industry. A game at the U-boat section would teach you about buoyancy as you tried to take a small ship down into the water. Other games would help you remember what you read throughout the section, like a particular game at the genetics area. It was so neat for us to see how masterful God was in creating an Earth that can produce such amazing things! If you are ever in the Chicago area, you have to check out this museum!

-Laura Kennedy

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