Harvest Party 2012

IMG_3447Last week an epic event happened in the history of evangelistic teams. For the first time in decades, two teams came together for a festival of candy, costumes, and chaotic craziness. The Galkin and Pettit Evangelistic Teams joined forces for a fall party. Twenty-nine people dressed in creative costumes, gathered for games, a candy hunt, a movie and great fall food. The Pettit team girls were princesses from Disney Movies. Mark and Amanda Egerdahl and the Pettit guys were dressed as characters from a book series. Bro. Steve was a pirate, Terry the Mona Lisa and Michael dressed as a politician. The Roland family dressed up as Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinker Bell and a Lost Boy. Laura was Rosie the Riveter, Sarah was Amelia Earhart, and Reba was the White Witch from Chronicles of Narnia. John Baker was Po the Panda, Jonathan Jarrett was William Wallace, and John Moon was the old man from the movie Up. Will was a pyromaniac; Christy a crazy woman; Anna Grace an oriental girl; William was a clown; Lilly a mad scientist; David an army man and Eliana an Indian princess. This was the second opportunity God gave us this semester to spend time with some of our dearest friends on the Pettit Team. We’re thankful for fun and joy found in godly relationships.

-Reba Snyder

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