Our Spring Wrap-up


Thank you for your prayers and support this year as we’ve traveled throughout the states preaching the gospel to all peoples and promoting the growth of healthy churches, all for the glory of God.

4TheGospel Spring Wrap-up

It is always at this time in our traveling season that we look back on our year of ministry and see how God has done so much for us: keeping us safe while driving, challenging us in our personal walks with Him, and saving souls through His gospel. We are truly grateful for His working in our lives and the lives around us.

These last few weeks have been especially encouraging for our team. We could clearly see God's work on display, especially during the weeks spent in California and Nevada. The people we met during these weeks were so very kind to us, and we enjoyed spending time with them. It is encouraging to see that our common bond in Christ enables us to love and be loved by so many people whom we have just met. Thank you to all the churches and families that have taken care of us throughout this year of traveling. You have been a huge blessing to us!

Some other exciting news includes the releases of our two newest CDs – The God Who Saves (a vocal EP album) and ARISE (a full instrumental album). Visit store.4thegospel.org for more info! We are thrilled to finally share these with you all!

Goodbyes are always a hard part of what we do as a team. Each week we say goodbye to churches and families, and it is something that never becomes easy. When our travel year comes to a close, we are faced with saying goodbye to some of our team members as well. This year is no different--we will dearly miss Daniel and Jessica as they move on from team. They have had such a great impact on us all as we have served alongside them in ministry. Their talents that God has blessed them with will be missed, but more than that, who they are will be missed. Sure, finding someone to play piano or sing is not impossible, but we won't ever be able to replace who they are as friends. They have truly become some of our closest friends, and we are thankful for the time we have had with them. Although we are sad to see them go, we are excited to see them serve God in their next phases of life.

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Daniel will be heading to Salt Lake City and teaching sixth grade at a charter school. We know that he will enjoy this and do an amazing job of teaching and showing Christ to these children. Daniel has been the leader of our children's program on team for the past three years, and he has shown true excitement within his ministry to kids while doing an excellent job at teaching and sharing the gospel. The grace God has given Daniel to love people genuinely and individually is something that God has used to impact each of our lives. We will miss you Daniel, and we are already praying for you as you begin this next chapter of your life.

Jessica will be heading to the Wilds Christian Camp for the summer as an office assistant. She is looking forward to having contact with the girl counselors and being able to have discipleship touch-points with them. Knowing Jessica, she is not one to shy away from pouring herself into those around her. Over the past two years, we have seen her go after church members, teens in youth groups, and also team members with a desire to see them have a better walk with Christ. We all in some way have been challenged by her spirit and willingness to follow after Christ. We will miss you, Jessica!


The Galkin family is looking forward to being back home in SLC for the summer after a family vacation to a few National Parks. Throughout the summer months, they will be jumping back into Gospel Grace Church and serving with the Plant Camp weeks and Backyard Bible Clubs. They look forward to the continued ministry and just "everyday life" including soccer, gardening, playing with friends, and investing in their community. Will is also planning to speak at a few summer camps...one of which will be the Wilds Christian Camp in NC. His daughter Lilly is excited to tag along and participate as a camper during that time. The Galkins have kept up with friends and neighbors from SLC all year and are looking forward to being reunited again! Prayers for traveling safety as they make their way back would be so appreciated!

IMG_4362_copyRSZDOur team will be joining back up in September for team training in UT and to resume traveling. We are already thrilled and looking forward to welcoming our new team   member—Shelley Redlinger—to our team! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and given grace throughout this whole last traveling year. Much to be thankful for!

As we look forward to this summer and the next traveling year, we would ask that you would pray for us as we prepare for these next few months of ministry. Pray that God would start preparing our hearts to continue serving Him in Salt Lake City this summer. Pray for meetings where the gospel will go out and that souls would be added to the kingdom.


We want to thank you for all of you who have supported us this year. We are continuing to see just how much God has used you in our lives, so thank you for being willing to serve the Lord in this way!


For the gospel,

The Galkin Team

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