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Farewells and "See You Later"s


Spring Summary + Summer Plans

What an incredible spring semester! I think we would all agree--it flew by so quickly. We will greatly miss those who are officially departing from our team, but we look forward with anticipation and excitement as we see God directing their steps and guiding them to the next chapters in their lives. Below are short summaries of what each team member will be doing this summer...and some beyond.

JESSICA GARRISON has traveled with us for two years. She has had a valuable role on team as the music coordinator: she arranged music, had a huge part in producing our latest CD “Each Day I Live”, and led music practices. She also taught piano lessons to the Galkin girls, Anna Grace, Lilly, and Elli. We will miss her piano playing, singing, and fabulous accordion skills! As a team, we really appreciate her joyful spirit, bubbly personality, and love for the Lord, others, and life itself. She is a joy to be around. This summer, Jessica will be planning for her upcoming wedding on August 15th to John Moon and will also spend a month in Salt Lake City helping with Plant Camp. Once she and John get married, they will become permanent residents in SLC and immerse themselves in the people of the city and the work of the Lord in Gospel Grace Church.

JOHN MOON is going to be greatly missed on team. We have really appreciated his hard work ethic, his love for the teens, and his desire to serve. He is probably one of the most disciplined team members, which has been an inspiring challenge to all those around him. John is finishing up his 4th full year with us. Some of his many responsibilities included teaching teen pre-services, planning for Plant Camp, and playing many of the following string instruments: guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, and a little bit of banjo--none of which he was proficient in when he first began traveling on team! He is moving out to Salt Lake City this summer to begin working with State Farm, while also being a vital part of Plant Camp. He and Jessica are to be married at the end of the summer, after which he will continue his full time job, be an intern at Gospel Grace Church, and pursue a seminary degree.

AARON BOYCE is also moving out to Salt Lake City this summer where he will be helping with Plant Camp. After the summer, he hopes to find a job in the area while also interning at Gospel Grace Church. He is praying that through this opportunity, the Lord will show him how he could best serve in future church planting endeavors. Aaron has traveled with the Galkins for 2 years and has acted as Will’s personal assistant. He has been an invaluable asset by taking care of scheduling, planning of events, leading worship, playing the double bass, and singing. We greatly appreciate his attention to detail and his desire to serve others before himself.

JONATHAN BAKER has been a wonderful part of team life these past 3 years. He is a peacemaker, always has a listening ear, and has a willing, servant's spirit. It has been a blessing to see God get a hold of his heart and teach him foundational truths about grace and his position in Christ. Jonathan took care of all audio/visual and technology needs and could help in any technological situation. It was often, "Baker to the rescue!" He is moving to Wisconsin in May where he will be starting a new job, serving at Brookside Baptist Church. Jonathan will be getting married on August 8th to Lauren Samuels. We are looking forward to seeing how the Lord uses this couple in a local church context.

JILLIAN BLACKWELL has traveled for one year on team. She took care of the ministry resources and ran the online store. In addition, she had a huge part in singing and playing the flute and penny whistles for services. She is marrying Gabriel Josey On May 25th, just two weeks after the team goes their separate ways. They will live in Louisville, Kentucky, where Gabriel is pursuing graduate work. Jillian has a job lined up for the summer with possible teaching opportunities available for the fall. We are thankful for the year that God allowed Jillian to serve on team and for us to have seen the Lord work in her life.

DANIEL MULDER has traveled on team for a year and a half. This summer, he will be in Salt Lake City serving as an intern at Gospel Grace Church and assisting in the Plant Camps that will be taking place in June. In August, he will join back up with the team to begin preparing for the fall travels.

SPENCER SHELBURNE has traveled for a whole year so far and will also join back up with the team in Salt Lake City in August. For the summer months, Spencer will be serving at Camp Calvary in Pennsylvania as a staffer.

BETHANY WESCOTT has officially finished her first semester on team! For the summer months, before she also heads to Salt Lake City to meet back up with the team, she plans to work and to spend time with family and friends in North Carolina.

The GALKIN family and their little dog Snickers will be in Salt Lake City for the summer months as they continue investing in the community around them, serving at Gospel Grace Church, and having a big part in Plant Camp.

Stay tuned to hear more about the team and the upcoming changes that will be taking place in the near future. We are beyond excited for the new team members who will be joining us come August and look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store!

Spring Newsletter


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Elementary Schools, Coffee, and Cola War!



Beth Haven Baptist Church

The Lord opened up the incredible opportunity for us to go into two elementary schools at the beginning of the week. The team was able to bring in many of their instruments and perform some fun blue grass songs for the students. At the end of the interactive performances, the students were invited to one of the events that Beth Haven Baptist was hosting during the week. It was a way for us to reach out to the community, help build a relationship between the church and the school, and to invite others to hear a clear Gospel message. We are praising the Lord for His giving us an open door to invite students from public schools to hear about Christ.

Following a midweek Irish concert, the church hosted a short reception of cookies, coffee, and hot chocolate. It was the perfect opportunity to have good conversations about the Gospel that had been presented during the service. We are ever rejoicing for the profession of faith that was made that evening!

We had our first teen Cola War of the semester at Beth Haven during the week! By word of mouth, shared fliers, and area canvassing, we had an eventful evening. Although pizza and competitions are exciting and fun, the highlight was the presentation of the Gospel and the focused attention that the teens had during the message. Praising the Lord for the number of gospel-centered conversations that came about because of that. The following evening, our team closed out the week with a family-centered FUN night! Those present, whether in the adult or children's services, heard a clear message from God's Word concerning Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice.

As we look back over our time serving with Beth Haven, we were encouraged by the relationships that were formed, challenged in our own Christian walks through the teachings, and grateful for another opportunity to serve our Lord alongside this body of believers.

Thank you, Beth Haven Baptist, for your hospitality, encouragement, and servant-spirit during our time with you all!


We Have A New Team Member!


If you haven't heard, we have a new team member. Her name is Bethany Wescott, and we are excited to welcome her to our team. We wanted to ask her a few questions so you, our support team, could get to know her a little bit.

Q. Where and how did you grow up?
A. I am a native Charlottean! My parents moved from New Jersey to Charlotte, North Carolina and raised my four sisters, brother, and me. I am third born and have loved growing up  in a large family.

Q. What activities did you enjoy growing up?
A. What I enjoyed most was just being outside with my siblings and friends and playing any game or activity that involved running, hide-and-seek, camping, hiking, or getting dirty.One of my passions is sports--softball, soccer, Ultimate frisbee, volleyball--you name it! I enjoy being active and having competition.Overall, I am a hands-on kind of person, so I like a lot of different interaction and involvement with activities like crafts, art, building, fixing, assembling, cooking and baking. Since I was young, I have been involved in choirs, symphonies, and ensembles in the Charlotte area all the way up even through college. Through the instruction of several passionate teachers, my love for music and using it as a way to share Christ has continued to grow.

Q. When did you accept Christ?
A. I am grateful to have grown up in a Christian home and to have had Christ shared often. I realized my need for a Savior and that it was not enough for me to simply follow my family's footsteps when I was six years old. I met with my dad and mom one afternoon, and they went through the gospel with me. I understood what Christ had done for me and placed my trust in the Lord. Following my decision, I was baptized along with my two older sisters by our pastor. When I was sixteen, I made the decision to fully commit my life to the Lord in full surrender to His will. And what a journey it has been!

Q. Can you play any instruments?
A. I would say so! I first began taking piano lessons when I was seven years old and added cello lessons two years later. I followed the footsteps of one of my older sisters who began playing the cello beforehand. Although piano is not my main instrument, I continue to play by ear occasionally. Through highschool, I continued pursuing cello and went on to obtain a music minor degree in college. I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and earned a degree in Marketing with a double minor in Music and Communication.

Q. What are your long-term goals for ministry?
A. Since highschool, my desire has been to pursue full time ministry. Although I do not have specific goals nor a black-and-white plan, I know that I love working with and investing in people. For the past several summers, I have served with ministries and at camps in North Carolina and California. Recently, I have been drawn to camp ministry and how it is a perfect place to proclaim the Word of God and invest in people with the Gospel for eternity. Whether God leads me to pursue camp ministry or to continue in music ministry or to be thrown a total curveball, I will go and do! All I can say is, "I am here, and I am willing; Lord, send me."

Q: What are you looking forward to most about being on the team?
A: Traveling! Learning! Growing! Connecting with others! Sharing Christ! I am so humbled--and beyond excited!--to be a part of this ministry. I am looking forward to working with and serving alongside this team as we all grow in Christ together.

I hope you now have a sense of connection with our newest team member, and that you will pray for her as she makes her transition on the team. We also ask for your prayers for our team as a whole as we minister this semester.


The Team Is Back Together!


We are back together after a big summer in lots of different places. Our team reconvened in Salt Lake City on September 6th, saying goodbye to all of those summer ministries/activities/jobs, and saying hello to six weeks in SLC. So far, we’ve been here a month, and our purpose here has been multi-faceted.

On one hand, the team has been finalizing our new cd (Coming this fall! be sure to keep an eye out for the release date), Teaching the new team members how to perform their different roles, practicing music (A LOT!!) and getting ready for life on the road. On the other hand, a huge part of what we've been doing is serving Gospel Grace Church by passing out invites, having targeted times and places to share the gospel, working in the nursery, assisting with the church’s music, assisting with a service to the airmen and civilians on the Hill Air Force Base, doing one on one discipleship with people, getting involved in community groups, and having evangelistic Bible studies. So, to say the least, we are very busy and very thankful.

It’s been such a blessing to be able to consistently serve together as a team in a local church. One of the goals of the Galkin Team is to promote the growth of healthy churches, so it’s been so awesome to be involved and serve GGC in Salt Lake City for an extended period of time. We are all very excited to see how the Lord will work in churches on the road, and we’re humbled that we can serve in such a capacity.



Recording Week


Next stop: Aire Born Studios, Indianapolis, IN, to produce the team’s sixth recording. A year and a half of preparation has gone into this project so far, and we are excited to see how God will use it.

So how do we prepare for a recording?

Well first off, we constantly keep an ear out for expressive, doctrinally rich songs that would fit well alongside the other songs we use in local churches each week. Once we have a good candidate, we start the arranging process by asking, “Which voices and instruments would fit best?”

Then, either one person or a group works to figure out a basic structure: Who plays during the intro? What’s the climax of the song? Should we include a bridge? A key change?

After we have this rough battle plan, everyone gets together for practice sessions in which we familiarize ourselves with the notes and lyrics, find awkward spots to fix, try new ideas, and listen for blend and balance. It is equal parts exhilarating and exhausting.

Right now, we are putting the finishing touches on a new song or two, while continuing to polish the songs we have been using in churches for months. On Friday, we start the 2-day drive from St. John, New Brunswick to Indianapolis, and on Monday morning, we start recording!

As we enter the recording studio, we ask that individuals would partner with us in prayer for this recording. We ask that they pray for safety as we drive many miles, for our health and endurance, and that we will trust God and be gracious to each other during an intense week. We are looking forward to what God will do through this recording.

Check back next week for an in-studio update! Want to know more about this recording and Galkin Evangelistic Ministries? Sign up here to receive our newsletter.


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