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Life on the road is never boring! Whether it's a birthday party or a fall outing, read these articles to hear about the recent fun the team has been having.

Meet Aaron Boyce

boyce_pageMeet one our newest team members, Aaron Boyce. Hailing from South Carolina, Aaron loves the Clemson Tigers, coffee, theology, and the local church. Aaron will be a good addition to the team as he serves in the music program and as Will's personal assistant. Meet Aaron in this video.


Labor Day 2013

laborday_pageBeing from the northeast, I did not know what mountains looked like, but since arriving to Salt Lake City (SLC) that has changed. We as a team recently had the honor of playing the best game in the world, Ultimate Frisbee, in the middle of the SLC valley surrounded by mountains on Labor Day!

The day started out as the team was reminded of our oneness in Christ! It was a perfect start to going out into the community and experiencing this unity first hand. As Aaron and I went to the University of Utah (The U) to pick up some students, we were hoping for a few students, but after getting there and finding none we were slightly discouraged. This discouragement was quickly reversed as Aaron spotted one of the guys he invited and with him eight guys and two girls. After taking these unexpected visitors, we made a second trip and picked up a few grad students and joined the others for a cookout. We cooked hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers and even a steak. It was a true northerner’s barbeque as we spent the day laughing and enjoying each other over food and fun.

In the midst of this activity we were able to invite each of the students to Gospel Grace’s Community Groups held all over the city and several seemed very interested. As we talked to Mormons, Hindus and evolutionists, my heart was encouraged to talk to one woman that was dropping off her daughter from Nigeria. This lady told me about Christianity in her country and how everything they receive is a gift from God. In this women’s country every gift is asked for through prayer and fasting. I was convicted by my constant selfishness in acting as though I have a right for anything I have. Truly everything good is from the Lord! (James 1:17 ) The picnic and games we experienced on Labor Day were truly a good and perfect gift from the Lord. The connections we made in the community and the people we were able to fellowship with were God-given. We serve a great God who is worthy to be praised!

- Stephanie Greenwood


The Color Run

colorrunpageRunning is an enjoyable hobby for many individuals, but yet it is an arduous task for many others. Regardless of an individual’s personal feelings toward running, anyone can enjoy and have fun in a Color Run.

I had heard about the Color Run before the team came to Salt Lake City, but I had never had the opportunity to participate in one. Recently, some of the team and some members of Gospel Grace Church were able to participate in the famous and very enjoyable Color Run. This nationally known event takes place in many different cities across the nation, but recently it came to Salt Lake City. This event had over 6,000 participants, as individuals would run 5 kilometers (3.2 miles) while entering different color stations along the way. Each station would greet a runner with powder or liquid that would stick to an individual and his clothes. After being plastered by yellow, purple, orange, pink, and blue, the participant would now look like a mobile rainbow. This event not only allowed us to get dirty, enjoy the City of Salt Lake, and have fun, but it also allowed us to have a great time of community with fellow believers from Gospel Grace Church. This event would not have been as enjoyable if not for the community of believers from Gospel Grace; it was kind of the Lord to allow us to participate in this event together.

- Nate Loggans


Lilly's Birthday


Pull out the balloons, games, gift bags, and you better not forget the ice-cream cake, it is time to celebrate the birthday of Lilly Galkin! The team and some close friends in Salt Lake City recently joined together in honor of the enjoyable and lovable Lilly Galkin.

This time of celebration was filled with fun and games as we played Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and laser-tag. As with all birthday parties, this event would not have been complete without gifts and cake. Lilly enjoyed receiving gifts and diving into her mint-chocolate chip ice-cream cake, but as the tradition of the Galkin team, we expressed our thankfulness to God in what He has done to change Lilly this past year. This time of thankfulness serves as an encouragement, but also as a rebuke. We know that change in someone is a work of God! As the evening ended, Lilly had truly come out on top as she claimed the title of laser-tag champ and the birthday girl.


Will's 40th

willsbirthday40So, did you ever think that we could actually surprise Will Galkin? You’re right: it’s almost totally impossible. Unless, of course, you are his wife and you know his schedule like the back of your hand. So, yes, it worked. We surprised Will. Well, up until the last 2 seconds anyway. Here is how it all happened. . .

Christy decided in January to have friends of Will’s from all around the world send in short birthday videos. These videos would be put in a sequence together, by our very own Laura Kennedy, and then shown to Will at his birthday. This however, was the only surprise that was planned. Not until Anna Grace’s birthday planning did the rest of Will's birthday plan form in our brains.

One day, the team girls decided that we were going to give Anna Grace a sum of money and a shopping day with all of us. We weren’t sure when that day would be, but it would have a great part in Will’s surprise party. On that same day, Christy met with the team while Will was speaking somewhere else. It was then decided that the Thursday before his birthday would be the perfect day for the party and then the following Friday would be a great day to go shopping with Anna Grace. It was all set and ready to go, but we didn’t think we would be able to pull off the surprise completely.

However, on the week of the party, we were informed of a luncheon that we had not known about. So, our plan changed in a matter of minutes. Over an iPhone group text, Christy and Caroline decided that we would make Will believe that we were still taking Anna Grace out shopping that Friday morning, when, in fact, the girls would pick up Anna and we would decorate and prepare for a surprise party for Will. Not to mention, we were also recording in the studio on Tuesday and Wednesday, so that was also on our plates. This also worked out well as the down time at the studio was used for Sarah and Eliana to make trips to the store for black decorations.

Friday morning, Reba and Sarah picked up Anna and we headed to the church. Reba parked her car in the back and we started decorating the room. While we were decorating, the guys had distracted Will by holding him back to record a voice over for a video. It all seemed perfect, as we got closer to the time when he would be done recording. Black was everywhere in the decorations and clothing. Then, people starting bringing in food and waiting. Waiting. . . waiting. . . waiting. For 45 minutes we kept quite in the room and tried to appease the children as they got bored. Finally, when the assistant pastor told him he had to take him to the other room, he figured it out. He came to the room and we surprised him! We had a wonderful time as a team and loved getting to celebrate a wonderful friend’s 40th birthday.

-Sarah Roe


Awake My Soul

awakemysoulWe are pleased to announce the release of a new piano book by our own Reba Snyder, Awake My Soul. This book is a collection of hymns and, as Reba says, "songs that have helped my own heart draw near to God."

While traveling in evangelism and working at Northland Camp for the past eight years, I have played in services almost every night for ten months out of the year. Even though as a pianist, I play and often do not sing, I have found the vital importance of knowing the text and message of the songs I am playing. Whether in a worship service or in personal playing, the piano can be used as a tool to carry the affections of a believer into the worship of God. This book is a collection of songs that have helped my own heart draw near to God.

It is my desire and prayer that these nine songs would awaken your soul to big thoughts about God. I have included a few texts but hope that you would also look up the texts to these songs. May they bring you and your listeners into the worship of our great God.

-Reba Snyder

Click here to order your copy of this book.

Included in the book is a code for an MP3 download of the songs performed by Reba Snyder.


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