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Review | Remember | Persevere | 2017


Hello from the Galkin Team!

What a full semester! As we’ve made our way through Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and South Carolina, we’ve managed to experience every type of seasonal weather, ranging from 80 degree days to hail and snow showers; we’ve consumed probably hundreds of cough drops and Mucinex as our team and Galkin family members shared colds with each other; and we’ve experienced God’s faithful kindness to us through both His people that we’ve met this semester and His Word’s working in hearts. A full, yet rich semester. 1 Peter, the book that our team is studying through this year, highlights the future hope that we as “elect exiles”  have: This present world is not our home (1:1). We can be secure and know that our present hardships are God’s kindness to us because they’re causing an ache for heaven and are refining our faith. Some of our greatest fears and weaknesses are being exposed this year, but we know that they are met by God’s grace.open-book-study

The saving message of the gospel is so powerful, for both believers and unbelievers. God’s grown our faith this semester as we’ve had opportunities to proclaim what Jesus did for us on the cross and watch that truth work in the hearts of the people who came out to our meetings and youth outreaches. How humbling it is to be used by the King to accomplish His purpose and further His kingdom! His love is powerful. His Word is alive! Isaiah records the love and power of God:

“‘So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.’” Isaiah 55:11

As we finish up in Greenville soon, we are looking forward to a few weeks off for the holidays with our families! The Galkins will visit family and friends in Georgia, and the team members will spread out over the Carolinas, Colorado, Michigan, and Ohio. We’ll then regroup in Charlotte the first week of January to kick off the spring semester of travel. We’re already looking forward to seeing how God will continue to show His grace as He sustains and uses us for His glory. Pray with us that we would stay faithful and humbly serve Him and His people as we finish out this year and begin another new year together!

For the gospel,

The Galkin Team

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a living hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.”
1 Peter 1:3-7


SLC - September 2017


We would love for you to meet our ministry team for this traveling year!

Hop on over to our TEAM PAGE and get to know us a little bit as we're in the middle of our team training weeks here in Salt Lake City, Utah! Lots of projects and practices and times together over these 3 weeks...thanking the Lord for much!


Our Spring Wrap-up


Thank you for your prayers and support this year as we’ve traveled throughout the states preaching the gospel to all peoples and promoting the growth of healthy churches, all for the glory of God.

4TheGospel Spring Wrap-up

It is always at this time in our traveling season that we look back on our year of ministry and see how God has done so much for us: keeping us safe while driving, challenging us in our personal walks with Him, and saving souls through His gospel. We are truly grateful for His working in our lives and the lives around us.

These last few weeks have been especially encouraging for our team. We could clearly see God's work on display, especially during the weeks spent in California and Nevada. The people we met during these weeks were so very kind to us, and we enjoyed spending time with them. It is encouraging to see that our common bond in Christ enables us to love and be loved by so many people whom we have just met. Thank you to all the churches and families that have taken care of us throughout this year of traveling. You have been a huge blessing to us!

Some other exciting news includes the releases of our two newest CDs – The God Who Saves (a vocal EP album) and ARISE (a full instrumental album). Visit store.4thegospel.org for more info! We are thrilled to finally share these with you all!

Goodbyes are always a hard part of what we do as a team. Each week we say goodbye to churches and families, and it is something that never becomes easy. When our travel year comes to a close, we are faced with saying goodbye to some of our team members as well. This year is no different--we will dearly miss Daniel and Jessica as they move on from team. They have had such a great impact on us all as we have served alongside them in ministry. Their talents that God has blessed them with will be missed, but more than that, who they are will be missed. Sure, finding someone to play piano or sing is not impossible, but we won't ever be able to replace who they are as friends. They have truly become some of our closest friends, and we are thankful for the time we have had with them. Although we are sad to see them go, we are excited to see them serve God in their next phases of life.

IMG_3226_smaller_RSZED SAM_0757_smaller_RSZ

Daniel will be heading to Salt Lake City and teaching sixth grade at a charter school. We know that he will enjoy this and do an amazing job of teaching and showing Christ to these children. Daniel has been the leader of our children's program on team for the past three years, and he has shown true excitement within his ministry to kids while doing an excellent job at teaching and sharing the gospel. The grace God has given Daniel to love people genuinely and individually is something that God has used to impact each of our lives. We will miss you Daniel, and we are already praying for you as you begin this next chapter of your life.

Jessica will be heading to the Wilds Christian Camp for the summer as an office assistant. She is looking forward to having contact with the girl counselors and being able to have discipleship touch-points with them. Knowing Jessica, she is not one to shy away from pouring herself into those around her. Over the past two years, we have seen her go after church members, teens in youth groups, and also team members with a desire to see them have a better walk with Christ. We all in some way have been challenged by her spirit and willingness to follow after Christ. We will miss you, Jessica!


The Galkin family is looking forward to being back home in SLC for the summer after a family vacation to a few National Parks. Throughout the summer months, they will be jumping back into Gospel Grace Church and serving with the Plant Camp weeks and Backyard Bible Clubs. They look forward to the continued ministry and just "everyday life" including soccer, gardening, playing with friends, and investing in their community. Will is also planning to speak at a few summer camps...one of which will be the Wilds Christian Camp in NC. His daughter Lilly is excited to tag along and participate as a camper during that time. The Galkins have kept up with friends and neighbors from SLC all year and are looking forward to being reunited again! Prayers for traveling safety as they make their way back would be so appreciated!

IMG_4362_copyRSZDOur team will be joining back up in September for team training in UT and to resume traveling. We are already thrilled and looking forward to welcoming our new team   member—Shelley Redlinger—to our team! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and given grace throughout this whole last traveling year. Much to be thankful for!

As we look forward to this summer and the next traveling year, we would ask that you would pray for us as we prepare for these next few months of ministry. Pray that God would start preparing our hearts to continue serving Him in Salt Lake City this summer. Pray for meetings where the gospel will go out and that souls would be added to the kingdom.


We want to thank you for all of you who have supported us this year. We are continuing to see just how much God has used you in our lives, so thank you for being willing to serve the Lord in this way!


For the gospel,

The Galkin Team

Check out our two newest releases on our website! The God Who Saves + ARISE


The Inafuku family to Hawaii via SLC





Thankful for our friends Kevin and Misty and how the Lord is leading them to Utah.

With a burden for the islands of Hawaii where Kevin was born and raised, God has aligned an opportunity for their family to begin equipping for church planting. In preparation, they will be working with a strategic church planting team in Utah. Their 5 year goal is to learn church planting in SLC...the most unchurched city in America...and then be sent on to multiply churches in Hawaii.





Please consider partnering with them by praying, giving, or joining here.


Join them on their journey by following their family blog here.




Year in review | by Anna Grace Galkin

Merry Christmas,

Well, I'm not quite sure what all goes into a Christmas letter, as I've never written one before, but I've been put to the task anyways. So I will try and not be too unorthodox as I attempt to sum up this past summer and semester in the lives of the Galkin family.

After finishing up our 2015 spring traveling semester in Minnesota, and before heading out to Salt Lake City for the summer, my mom and dad celebrated their 15th anniversary by taking an Alaskan cruise! This week long excursion completed my dad being to all 50 states. If I had gone along with them, it would have been my 46th state, but us kids were all at our Grandma Roland’s house in Colorado.

We had a great time with uncle Jonathan and Grandma! We went to an IMAX, did some major garden planting, just hung around and jumped on her famous trampoline!

Before the business of our summer in Salt Lake started, our family took about two days to hike around and have fun at Arches National Park (one of the five national parks in Utah)!

1 2

Living in a house this summer was definitely something different for us, and we got to see God provide for a lot of our desires! When we were first moving in, we were unexpectantly given some couches and a number of small furniture items that ended up being a big blessing.

Staying in one place for nearly 5 months, and in a house with neighbors was, I believe a huge learning step for me and a gift to our family. It brought ministry opportunities that we would never have experienced to the same extent while traveling. We love our neighbors and are excited to see our relationships with them grow! So many different world-views represented just in our little neighborhood.

These past three summers William, Lilly, David, Eliana and I have all been able to be on City Recreational Soccer Leagues! With my dad as my coach and mom shuttling rides and watching games, we have all had some awesome inroads to share the Gospel and develop relationships.

rsz_3 rsz_4 rsz_5

One of those weeks a Back Yard Bible Cub was stationed at our house, and my mom, along with some other ladies ran it and gave the Gospel to many kids from our neighborhood!

For four weeks out of the summer youth groups from across the USA came to SLC for a week of what is called Plant Camp. They are involved in a lot of city-wide outreaches, sessions, and fun activities many of which my dad is a big part of organizing, and me and my brother William were able to tag along.

Being a part of Gospel Grace Church, we were able to watch a few be baptized and join the community of Christians there. Among them, Lilly and David shared their testimonies and were baptized!

6 7

Near the end of August all our team flew into Salt Lake for a few weeks of team training before we hit the road again! Among the seven team members, came four newbies, Hillary Rankin, Jessica Bowers, and a married couple, Jordan and Shannon Allen! The first few weeks were spent with lots of music practice, team meetings and bonding time… Towards the end of team training, all of the team and a former team member squashed into vehicles alongside tents, gear and food for a twoday camping trip! Besides hiking to an awesome cave, where we found stalactites and a 250ft drop off, we had some great food and time with each other that will long be remembered!

With the start of team training, school also started. I began the ninth grade, William seventh, Lilly sixth, David fourth, and Ellie in first grade.

Our first meeting this fall was at Grace Baptist of Twin Falls Idaho, where my dad grew up. Before we left, we did two things we have never done before. Our entire team along with my Grandma Galkin and uncle kayaked down the Snake River Canyon and explored the rugged western beauty! Then, the next day we ran/walked a 5K Color Run along the canyon rim!

Two weeks later, after going down to a friend's church in Elko, Nevada for a week, we drove to Denver, Colorado. This was my mom’s home church and where my Grandma Roland currently goes. We enjoyed some special time with her and my Uncle Jon.

rsz_8 rsz_9_2

Throughout this past semester from out west, to Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois, and Tennessee, one thing that has been specifically encouraging to me is to see pastors or church members that, by God’s grace, have stayed faithful to their community of believers.

To one who has traveled all her life, seeing those that love the Body of Christ through thick and thin is a great blessing and example!

The Lord has kindly let us see and be a part of His saving-work in quite a few people this fall. He has let us build great relationships with team members, and has helped our family love Him and each other more.

We ended up in Roswell, Georgia for our Thanksgiving/Christmas break and have enjoyed just chilling, getting ready for Christmas and hanging with our cousins, aunt and uncle that live here! While here, Dad was able to fly to Salt Lake for an Enrichment Conference at Gospel Grace for a week, and saw his Mom in Idaho for a couple days. We finished school the 18th, and my dad, who is taking an apologetics class, just finished his last paper due before the break!

Leading up to Christmas, our family has been reading through a devotional, reminding us of the Advent of Christmas- the Coming of Christ. I am reminded that the contents of Luke 2 are a reality. A reality that happened 2000 years ago, that affects my life now, and can give hope to all sinners. Even though I sin constantly, its punishment does not condemn me because of my standing with God through Christ. I am so thankful for this real gift that was given at the birth of Jesus and the eternal value that it has in my own life.

We love you guys, and we are very thankful for all your prayers! We hope you all have a great Christmas!

- Anna Grace Galkin


On Water and On Land


Twin Falls, Idaho

“You guys are spoiled!” This was Will’s comment to the team after taking us kayaking and running a 5k in the same weekend. There is a beautiful canyon in Twin Falls, ID called the Snake River Canyon. On Friday the team grabbed some tandem kayaks and went down the river. We raced, had water battles, had a melodious serenade by Spencer who stood up in his kayak, which of course made him the next target for splashing! Laughter with friends is a gift, and we are thankful that this team is one that laughs together. Once we kayaked up river, we stopped at a rocky shoals area. The water was low enough that we could get out, sit on the dry rocks, and eat the lunches we packed. Exploration after lunch was only natural. So we set off to explore the pools of water, different rocks, and jump-off points that were exposed due to lower water levels. Eventually, we found the perfect spot on the rocks for everyone to do cannonballs off of into the water. Then we made our way back to the kayaks and headed back down the river. The sights of the canyon were beautiful. We were thankful for the opportunity to enjoy another large, yet small piece of God’s amazing creation together.

Saturday morning, we arrived at the rim of Snake River Canyon. We had all signed up to run (or walk) a Color Splash 5k together. According to the man opening the race, this was their “first, annual Color Splash.” A few of the team members shared a chuckle. We each grabbed our allotted color packet, only one, while Will went ahead and asked for extra. Then a pre-race color war erupted among us with laughter! There was one casualty inflicted by Shannon upon the poor, unsuspecting Jessica; as powder flew from every which direction, it traveled along the line of sight and made its way into the eyes! However, in Shannon’s defense it was innocently unintentional. As always, laughter could be heard from everyone in the group. As each team member finished the race, the welcoming party for the remaining members grew until we were larger and cheering more loudly than the workers waiting to throw color on the runners crossing the finish line! We concluded the event with another epic color battle and much laughter: no casualties this time!


We have tracked many miles since Twin Falls, ID, and our journey is far from over! In the last three weeks, we have traveled over 2,000 miles. We are so thankful for the safety God has given us and never want to take that for granted. We also praise God for these times of fun and laughter, for they are merely extensions of His grace displaying His love and delight in His children. 

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