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Life on the road is never boring! Whether it's a birthday party or a fall outing, read these articles to hear about the recent fun the team has been having.

{the} Kids

thekidsthumbnailAnother traveling year has begun for the team, which means another year on the road for the Galkin kids. They are excited to share this new year with their cousin, Evi. We'd like to give you a little update of what's happening with the Galkin and Roland cousins.

Anna Grace has entered FIFTH grade (still hard for me to believe!) She is a great help with the younger kids. She has been able to participate in her first school Cola War this week, and has enjoyed playing the games she has watched for so long. She continues to study violin and piano, but her great love seems to be reading--she eagerly searches out church libraries to see what new books she can find. William has entered fourth grade and loves learning about all subjects. Don't tell him a story unless you're prepared to be able to explain how and why it all works. He enjoys taking apart broken electronics and discovering how things work. He is playing guitar, and loves to sing along with the guys in music practice. Lilly is in second grade and still earns her nickname of "Silly Lilly". She is always full of laughs and often has the team members genuinely laughing at her humor. She is learning penny whistle and wows us all with her skill at computer and iPhone games. David is in first grade and working hard in his work books and at learning to read. He is almost done with his first year of cello lessons. Eliana "does" school with the older kids and bosses around the youngest member of the family, Snickers. She also takes good care of her younger cousin Evi. Evi has mastered crawling and wants to walk sometime soon. We have heard her say "Hi" three times, but her favorite word to say over and over is still Dada. The older kids are working as a team to put on a 5-day skit in each church that teaches their peers about the 5 Lie Smashing Facts we learn in the children's program. They all have a special place in our hearts, and we are glad to be their friends!

-Caroline Roland


4 Birthdays and a Game of Mafia

4birthdaysmafiathumbHere on the Galkin Team, we do birthdays right! With 15 people total on the team, there are several opportunities to celebrate during the traveling season! Last Sunday night we celebrated 4 birthdays: Laura’s, Caroline’s, Reba’s, and, most importantly, my birthday (Matt)! There were lots of gifts, lots of good food, and of course, lots of good fun!

We got some pretty cool stuff, and I think each of us got at least one Starbucks card to fuel the coffee addiction we all have! We also played a game called Mafia. In this game, everyone in the group is either a townsperson, doctor, sheriff, or the mafia. In each round a couple things happen. The game runner tells participants close their eyes, then the mafia gets a chance to eliminate one person, the doctor gets to protect one person, the sheriff gets to investigate if one person is mafia, and the townspeople get to eliminate one person from the game who they think might be the mafia. The townspeople are trying to eliminate the mafia before they get eliminated themselves! It turned into a heated but hilarious game as accusations were made, key townspeople were saved from elimination, and the mafia tried to fly below the radar. We all love the chance to laugh together and enjoy each other. It’s just another part of the community of brotherly love we enjoy on the team.

The most special part of a Galkin birthday party is when we share with the group how we have seen God’s grace at work in the lives of the individuals whose birthdays we are celebrating. We share things that we appreciate about that person and ways that we have seen evidence of God’s sanctifying work going on in their lives. It’s always a sweet time that knits our hearts together and gives glory to God.

I’m thankful that I can enjoy great times with this group of people as we roll down the road, striving together for the gospel of Christ!

-Matt Reid


Q & A with John Ford Moon

johnmoonqaIf you haven't heard, we have a new team member. His name is John Ford Moon, and we are excited to welcome him to our team. We wanted to ask him a few questions so you, our support team, could get to know him a little bit.

Q. Where and how did you grow up?
A. I grew up in the small town of Starr, (yes, two R's) South Carolina which is close to the border of Georgia. We have one red light and a population of about 118 people. I've always lived in the same house that was across the street from my Grandparents. Before I was old enough to stay on my own and much of the time after that you could find me at my Grandparents house were we would do all of the things a proper boy from the south ought to do. We shucked corn, snapped peas, planted our garden, sat on the front porch, and drank sweet tea. Church for me growing up could easily fit in the list I just gave because it was just what a decent person from the south did. You went to Church not because of a relationship with Jesus, but because you were supposed to in order to be decent. Thankfully later in life Christ would change that in me!

Q. What activities did you enjoy growing up?
A. I've always enjoyed trying different/new things. When I was a teenager, my dad let me borrow his old guitar and told me that my grandfather could play just about anything he picked up. That was all I needed and ever since then I've always enjoyed playing and learning new instruments like my grandfather. Although I started with guitar, the mandolin is my favorite. I also greatly enjoy the outdoors. One of my favorite things to do is go backpacking for a day or two in the mountains. There is just something about getting away and out into nature with God, its unlike anything else.

Q. When did you accept Christ?
A. As I mentioned I grew up going to church out of tradition and decency, which definitely isn't regeneration. I was privileged to go to a Christian school in my area, but as an unregenerate person this simply left me confused about my state with God. I struggled with "assurance" because that is what my friends struggled with. I had yet to come to the realization that I was struggling with assurance not because I was a Christian out of fellowship with God, but because I had never entered into a relationship with Him. When I was around 14 years old my school went on a weekend retreat to the Wilds Christian Camp in North Carolina. To be frank, the week was miserable. It was during the first meeting that my heart began to grow heavy under the conviction that I was a sinner estranged from God in need of new birth. I resisted the entire weekend and during the last service of the last day I didn't even listen to the sermon I simply sat longing for him to stop preaching so that I could go and talk to someone about my soul. It was that day that I was born again into God's family. Christ transformed my life and, praise God, I've never been the same since.

Q. Why did you choose your major at school?
A. I graduated from Bob Jones University with a B.A. in Bible, but I didn't start there. I started my freshman year of college at a local technical school which was the extension campus for many at Clemson University. I was studying Accounting, with the intent of transferring into Clemson University the next year. However, the summer prior God had clearly laid a call on my life to surrender to the preaching ministry of the word of God. I resisted this unction from the Lord and had landed at this college. Through a series of circumstances too long to fit in this short article. God redirected me away from my selfish pursuits and changed my desires to be more in line with His. The very next semester of my freshman year I was enrolled at Bob Jones as a Business major, but before I started any classes as God diligently pursued me I changed my major to Bible and followed the Lord's direction for my life into ministry.

Q. What are your long term goals for ministry?
A. When I first started Bible college, it concerned me that I did not have the plans that some of my peers had in mind. I am a firm believer that a person needs to have vision. "If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time." My vision has been molded by a number of things. I have been privileged to work in a variety of ministries in a variety of different places spanning from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Bwizibwera, Uganda. My time in Africa especially stands out when I think about this. When I went over there I wondered if the Lord would set a burden in my heart for Africa, that would result in me going there to stay. Although I do have a burden for the African people, I did not come away burdened to go to the unreached people in Africa. I came away burdened to go to the unreached people in America. And so my long term goal is to be a church planter potentially in the western United States.

I hope you now have a sense of connection with our newest team member, and that you will pray for him as he makes his transition on the team. We also ask for your prayers for our team as a whole as we minister in the Midwestern United States.


The Life of a Camp Staff Kid

staffkidsThere's a group of Northland staff members that have a bond deeper and different than any department. Despite varying ages, backgrounds, and being separated for nine months of the year, their reunion each summer is sweet and seamless. If you want to meet with them, you should come to the campsite shortly after a mealtime. You'll usually find the majority of this influential group gathered in Center Court, holding strategy meetings about the rest of their day. They're typically experts at evaluating Camp activities, food, Children's and Teen groups, and even Funny Time, and at times, can be the toughest critics. Of course I'm talking about Staff Kids.

This year's class of full-time staff and evangelistic team members' children is 22 strong, ranging in ages from 16 years to one week. They spend the two weeks of staff training getting reacquainted, and the next eight weeks of summer attending Pioneer Village, Teen Camp, Children's and Teen Groups (during Family Camps), volunteering in the Camp office, playing in the orchestra, or hanging out with the Camp babysitter. The younger children enjoy the playground and sidewalks in Center Court as their summer "front yard" and a ten week home for their bikes, scooters, big wheels and strollers.

"My favorite part about being a Camp staff kid is the privileges you get," said Anna Grace Galkin (10). "Like sometimes I don't have to wear shoes at the climbing wall. But I also like helping out in the office by emptying the trash."

"Children's groups are what I like the most," said Madeline Fipps (6). "The preaching is really good. I also have lots of friends at camp like Ella (Coffey)."

"My favorite thing about Camp is getting to see all of my friends again, like Wesley (Keith) and Jack-Jack (Whitt)," said Tommy Frazor (6). "I really like PV too."

"I love working in the Camp Office because I get to know all of the secrets," said Emily Whitt (16). "Like how things work behind the scenes, the best strategy for games, and some really funny things about the Leadership Team. But most of all, there are a lot of Godly people for me to look up to."

Of course with their parents actively involved in every facet of Camp, the younger Staff Kids couldn't make it without a babysitter. For the second year, Katie Sanders (Lake Orion, MI) has had the opportunity to watch over and care for the younger group. It's a task that some would view as a major undertaking, but one she views from a unique perspective.

"I have such a love for the younger kids and got really attached to them last year," Katie said. "I've actually always wanted to be a counselor, but unsure if some health issues would allow me to do it. So for the past two summers I've looked at the Staff Kids as my campers. We go on trips to the Snack Shop and Daily Grind, and talk about what God has been teaching them in classes. I really love what I do."

So while most of the thousands of teens and juniors that come on the campsite wish they could stay all summer long, there is a special group of "campers" that get that privilege. And if you stick close to them, you may actually learn a few of the Camp "secrets!"

-Northland Camp


Recitals and Birthdays

kidconcertWe got to enjoy one of my favorite yearly events on the team about a month ago--the Galkin recital. It was wonderful to hear the kids quote a passage from James, play their instruments, and receive recognition for their hard work during the school year. I think the highlight was probably a wonderful performance of "Jesus Loves Me" by the kids--Anna Grace on violin, William on guitar, Lilly on penny whistle, and David on cello. (Click here to see a video of the song on our Facebook page). Even little Evi received a certificate for her three months of life, and learning to hold her head up!--unfortunately her naptime came before the presentation, so she missed out on all the glory. ;)

A few weeks ago, we got to celebrate two special birthdays--Sarah's 25th and David's 5th! We had a little party in the trailer, complete with a fighter jet cake and a game of "pin the tail on the donkey". We enjoyed getting to tell Sarah and David what we appreciate about them. They got some pretty cool gifts too! David had asked for "a dagger, a bow and arrow set, and a fox". Well, he got that and more--some of the team members were able to get him a little pool! He was pretty pumped...in fact, I saw him and Eliana playing in it this morning, even though I'm pretty sure the water was freezing. We love birthdays, and we love David and Sarah! Happy Birthday!

-Caroline Roland


Galkin Team FAQ's

joshcaroeviethumbTraveling on the road, I meet lots of people, and many of them wonder the same things I used to about these "evangelistic teams". Now, I can't speak for all evangelistic teams, but as far as the Galkin team goes, here are a couple answers to "FAQ's" that I get on a regular basis...

Question 1: How does everyone travel down the road?
Answer: Since driving is an important part of our lives, Bro. Will does a good job of making sure everyone is comfortable for these long travel days. The Galkin family travels in their Volvo semi, which is rigged with a table and bench seats, bed, and microwave, and works very well for their family of seven. Josh, Evangeline, and I travel in a Ford F-350. Both of these vehicles also pull the two fifth-wheel trailers that our families live in. The singles travel in a silver 13-passenger van which pulls a gray cargo trailer, into which we pack (or cram) all our luggage (which is saying a lot, if you have ever seen or carried our luggage!), the sound system, the instruments, our office supplies, and other miscellaneous items that get thrown in at the last minute. Reba has a white sedan that has recently been added to the troupe of vehicles, in which you can frequently see the three girls cruising down the road. That brings the grand total to four vehicles and three trailers. A good trivia question would be "How many wheels does it take to get the Galkin team down the road?" I don't want to take the time to count them! :)

Question 2: Where do the singles sleep? Do they sleep in the trailers??
Answer: Thankfully, no! While the trailers are more spacious than they'd seem, and while the singles love the Galkins and Rolands, we are thankful to the kind people in the churches who let them stay in their homes each week. It's a way for them to connect with a family, and provides a sort of "home away from home". Every once in a while, we get to stay in Prophet's Chambers, which are also fun. Reba and I have had one trailer experience when I traveled before being married, and if you would like to know how it went, read Reba's article "One Fateful Night".

Question 3: How do all the kids do school?
Answer: At this point, only three of the team's six children are school-aged. Anna Grace is in third grade, and currently does the BJU videos for most of her schooling, and seems to really enjoy it. She got the opportunity to meet her teachers when we were at BJU a few years ago, and she was very excited for that! William (in second grade) and Lilly (in first grade) also use BJU videos. David and Eliana are still free as birds when it comes to school, but I think they will be excited once they can join the "big kids".

Question 4: How did you all get together as a group?
Answer: Well, I think it'd be safe to say that almost all of us have a common bond at Northland Camp in Dunbar, WI. Some of the team members (Galkins and Reba) traveled with Evangelist Steve Pettit in the past, and were introduced to Northland Camp through his team. The rest of us either met the Galkins through Northland Camp or through recommendations from other people to Bro. Will for new team members. Now, we all just feel like family--it's hard to believe there was a time when we DIDN'T know each other!

Question 5: What do you guys do all day??
Answer: Stay busy! :) The team usually all meet at the church by nine, and are expected to be spiritually and mentally prepared for the day. On Mondays, we have staff meetings and devotions in the mornings; other mornings, we all have individual jobs. We work until noon, when we all meet for a meal. At one o'clock, we have a team meeting and prayer time, before starting on music practice, which could last anywhere from an hour to two hours (depending on new songs, future recording, etc.) During the afternoon, we finish up our work, run errands, rest, and get ready for the service. The evening is the highlight of our day, with the pre-session starting at 6:30 and the service at 7. Since we travel on Saturdays, and usually have an early start, we get the morning off on Friday to rest, do laundry, and catch up on personal matters. My job has changed a lot this semester, as I have been out in the trailer taking care of Evangeline while Christy is in her trailer taking care of her kids.

Maybe you, like many people I've come across, have asked yourself one (or all) of these questions. I'm glad to have been able to answer these intriguing questions, and will happy to do so in the future! ;)

-Caroline Roland


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