God's Intervention

WillandChristy_13Have you ever experienced God's intervention in your life? Do you ever think what your life would be like without the intervention of God? How has God specifically intervened in your life to cause you to change your course of thinking or action?

Here is one way in which God has intervened in my life!

Wrong course:

I was hurt and not letting go of it.  My thoughts were consumed with it. My heart felt like a bucket with a big hole in the middle. The joy would run right out the bottom. As a result anger and doubt replaced the joy and peace I would normally find in His blessings. Insecurity reigned!

His Intervention:

I was reading 'Respectable Sins' by Bridges and came to the chapter on 'Weeds of Anger'.  He takes the parable from Matthew 18 and walks through the forgiveness the King offers to his servant who owes him an immeasurable debt. Then the forgiven servant goes out and holds his neighbor to the small debt owed to him without mercy. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to what I was doing. I was that servant not forgiving the small debt when Christ had already forgiven me of my immeasurable debt. He then used a summer study through James 4 to help me take the next needed steps to deal with this sin of bitterness and lack of forgiveness.

His commands:

1. Call it what it is. (vs. 4)

2. Submit to God. (vs. 7)

3. Resist the Devil. (vs. 7)

4. Draw nigh to God. (vs. 8)

5. Cleans your hands, purify your hearts. (vs. 8)

6. Mourn and weep. (vs. 9)

7. Humble yourself. (vs. 10)

These commands are met with His promises:

1. He gives more grace. (vs. 6)

2. He gives grace to the humble. (vs. 6)

3. The Devil will flee from you. (vs. 7)

4. He will draw nigh to you. (vs. 8)

5. He will exalt you. (vs. 10)

Praise God for his merciful intervention!

Christy Galkin

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